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Our Responsibilities

When we combine our values with our mission and our vision, being a responsible business is integral to our culture. 

We are committed to becoming a ‘Net Positive’ business, which aims to ensure we put more into society, the environment, and the global economy than we take out.

Our Responsibility strategy - Net Positive

What’s next for our business?

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, our Net Positive strategy outlines the six long term ambitions which will see us generate a Net Positive impact. 

Together by working towards the achievement of six long term ambitions, Net Positive will transform our way of doing business to ensure we put more into society, the environment and the global economy than we take out, helping us to make a responsible impact. 

Through many small actions, great change can occur and so by setting our long-term Net Positive ambitions we are setting a sustainable course for present and future generations.

Key achievements from our previous strategy

One Approach, which underpinned our commitment to our people, customers and communities, launched in 2018 following a successful five year strategy and brought us through to 2021, our centenary year.

Throughout 2019/20 we reached many of our key milestones and achieved some fantastic performance through our focus on operating as a responsible business. 

Some of our highlights included: 

Our Carbon Reduction Plan

We're actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint as a business. 

This document contains our Carbon Reduction Plan in support of the PPN06/21 Government disclosure.

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Working together with our supply chain

We are a partner to the Supply Chain Sustainability School and we join over 120 of the UK's other major contractors, clients and suppliers in supporting the school as the recommended 'go to' sustainability resource for not only us, but our supply chain too.

The school is a useful resource for everybody working in construction, facilities management, offsite and infrastructure sectors in England, Scotland and Wales, and it covers a wealth of sustainability and responsible business issues. Even better - it's free to join!

If you are a member of our supply chain and would like to sign-up, you can find out more here, or alternatively you can contact our Responsibility team: